Mcdodo is a digital product brand focusing on charging technology. Our product have kinds of international certificates, such as CE, CCC, RoHS, FCC, ETL, UL and MSDS.

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Introducing Mcdodo Online India: Revolutionizing Charging Technology with Innovation and Quality. Explore Mcdodo's extensive range of 100+ products, featuring innovative designs and international awards. From charging cables to adapters and wireless chargers, Mcdodo Online India offers top-notch solutions. Trusted globally, their products are exported to 100+ countries. Stay powered up with Mcdodo's cutting-edge charging technology. Discover more now!

  • RRR - Mcdodo Online

    120w Charger

    Charger mcdodo is used for charging power for mobile, tablet, laptop, and other electronic products. It has different application scenarios like in a car, at home, at the office, or on travel. Different application scenario of chargers with fast charging speed requires different designs. Meanwhile, there are various specifications of fast charger you can buy such as 20W, 30W, 45W, 47W, 65W, 100W, and more.     

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  • 8 - Mcdodo Online

    100w Charger

    Short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, input over current protection, over voltage protection, anti-interference protection, anti-static protection, over power protection, low temperature wave.

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  • SSS - Mcdodo Online

    65w Charger

    This material which is mainly used in aviation equipments. In 2023 mcdodo applies it to a wall adapter. This make a mini charger with high power.

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