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Mcdodo Digital Pro Auto Power Off USB-C to Lightning Transparent Data Cable (1.2M)

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The Mcdodo Digital Pro Auto Power Off USB-C to Lightning Transparent Data Cable has taken the tech world by storm, offering a remarkable blend of cutting-edge features that cater to the modern user's needs.


Key Features of the Mcdodo Digital Pro Cable

This remarkable cable comes with a host of features designed to enhance the user experience. Let's delve into some of the key attributes that set the Mcdodo Digital Pro apart.

Auto Power Off for Enhanced Efficiency

One standout feature of this cable is its auto power-off function. After two hours of charging, the cable automatically powers off and enters a recharge cycle. This intelligent design not only conserves energy but also prolongs the cable's lifespan.

Seamless PD Charging and Data Sync

The Mcdodo Digital Pro supports Power Delivery (PD) fast charging, ensuring that your devices receive the power they need rapidly. Additionally, its data sync capabilities guarantee efficient and swift data transfers between devices.


Durable Build with Transparent Design

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, the cable boasts a zinc alloy and nylon construction that ensures durability. What's more, its transparent design adds a touch of style, allowing you to witness the inner workings of the cable.

Optimal Length for Convenience

With a length of 1.2 meters, the Mcdodo Digital Pro strikes the perfect balance between convenience and functionality. This length provides flexibility without the hassle of tangling wires. 


Powerful Performance with 3A Current

Delivering a maximum current of 3A, this cable ensures a stable and potent power flow to your devices. This results in faster charging times, getting you back to using your gadgets swiftly.

Wide Compatibility

The Mcdodo Digital Pro isn't exclusive to a single device. It is compatible with a range of devices, including iPhones, iPad Pros, AirPods Pro, and more.


Zinc Alloy and Nylon Construction

Crafted from premium materials, the cable's zinc alloy and nylon construction contribute to its robustness and resilience, making it a cable that's built to last.

Unlocking PD Fast Charge

Thanks to its support for PD fast charging, the Mcdodo Digital Pro delivers an optimized charging experience that's both quick and efficient.


High-Speed Transmission at 480Mbps

Transferring data is a breeze with the cable's 480Mbps transmission speed. Large files and documents can be transferred swiftly and seamlessly.

The Auto Power-Off Series

The auto power-off feature is part of Mcdodo's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. This innovative series reflects the brand's dedication to creating products that make a positive impact.


A Cable Specifically for iPhone

Designed with iPhone users in mind, the cable's compatibility and features cater to the unique needs of Apple device enthusiasts.

Transparent Series: Mcdodo's Distinctive Design

The transparent series by Mcdodo showcases the brand's dedication to combining functionality with aesthetics. The see-through design adds a touch of modernity to your charging and data transfer setup.


Q1: How does the auto power-off feature work?

A1: The cable automatically powers off after two hours of charging, contributing to energy conservation and prolonging the cable's lifespan.

Q2: Is the cable only compatible with iPhones?

A2: No, the cable is compatible with a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPad Pros, AirPods Pro, and more.

Q3: What is PD fast charging?

A3: Power Delivery (PD) fast charging is a technology that delivers higher levels of power to charge devices more quickly than standard charging methods.

Q4: Can I use this cable for data transfer between devices?

A4: Yes, the cable supports data sync, allowing efficient and fast data transfers.

Q5: How does the transparent design benefit the user?

A5: The transparent design adds a unique visual element to the cable, showcasing its internal components and adding a modern touch to your tech setup.

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Mcdodo Digital Pro Auto Power Off USB-C to Lightning Transparent Data Cable (1.2M)